TLauncher 2.71 released

TLauncher 2.71 released

The TLauncher 2.71 update fixes quite a few minor bugs that prevented our players. Your support in finding various problems allows us to keep the bar of the best launcher for Minecraft!

Changes in TL 2.71

1) Some new categories in the TLMODS modpack system did not have icons, in particular, the Shaders tab was recently added, this update solves this problem - new icons are added to the categories.

2) In some cases, connecting to Minecraft servers could get a null login error in TLauncher, this update solves this problem!

3) Updated repositories on which loads libraries for TLauncher old were no longer relevant.

4) In general, the stability of the program has been improved and many bugs have been fixed.

Version 2.71 is available to all our players, agree to the update when you launch your current version, or download the links below!